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    we can't able to input japanese character in search box while english is able to type?

    SunilRana_Gateway Level 1

      Hi Anybody,



      Our Application  developed in Adobe Air with  multiple language support ,When user click on  help  menu, It will Open Adobe AIR's  Window component which Render Adobe RoboHelp 8 's xyz.html file which shows Help detail.


      In Help  Window there is search functionality , When user login with english  language , user can able to type english keyword in search box while in Japanese language, user cannot able to type Japanese keyword.


      Also,When user login in japanese language then  user also set it's region language japanese from Control panel of Window XP.


      But I User cannot able to type in Seach box in help window  which  having  . html  Adobe RoboHelp File. This is whole story.