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    Debug iOS app in ADC


      I guess I already know the answer, I do hope I'm wrong though.


      I'm using CS5.5 to develop for iOS devices.

      This ofcourse uses AIR, which is not supported by ADC if I'm right.


      Is there no way at all to use ADC and debug in an iPad/iPhone emulator?

      I already set up my code in such a manner that I can disable the use of AIR API's by commenting a single line.

      So now I can easily debug using Flashplayer 10, but in this way I can't use an iPad device profile.


      This is mainly because I want to debug stuff happening with a keyboard and compiling each time and then installing again takes far too long for quick tests.

      Perhaps there is another way to debug requestSoftKeyboard()?


      Thanks in advance for any help!




      Just read in the docs that requestSoftKeyboard is not supported on iOS anyways, but the desire to test in ADC remains.