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    v7 Email Receiver vs. v9 Startpoint

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      I am upgrading a customer from LC7.2.2 to LC9.  The workflow has 7 approval steps that the participants only interact with emailed PDF's.  In AdminUI, all inbound email is configured to be received in the "Incoming Email" setup.  The form is configured with a send button that opens the participants email client and attaches an XDP that contains a process ID.  The participant then needs to hit Send (in Outlook) which goes to a system mailbox.  Once received, LC7 then matches up the email via process ID and the workflow progresses.  There are no services to send emails to the participants so that is handled by simple assignments steps.


      It seems to me this functionality will not work in LC9.  Is it true that you must configure seperate Email Startpoints to receive the email?  If so, how do I manage matching up the inbound email back to the parent workflow.  I presume I'd have to handle all this with subprocesses?


      Please help, I'm in a bind.

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          Diana Densmore Level 3


          Please refer to the following blog post for detailed information on using email with Process Management:

          http://blogs.adobe.com/ADEP/2010/08/configuring-email-for-process-management-in-livecycle- es2.html


          It will explain how to handle incoming emails in the section: Continuing Workspace Processes via Email.



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            BCinHOU Level 1

            Excellent.  I've made some progress.


            I just ran into another problem however.  Whenever I select the option to "Include Form Data in Email" then I get an internal error trying to deploy the workflow.  So I went back to my startpoint and changed the Start Point to "Submit via Reader" and I selected PDF.  I was then able to deploy without error.  However when I went to workspace to submit a new form, I get an error at rendering that states my form is not Reader Extended and it does not allow me to continue.  My client does not own Reader Extensions.  I s there a way to accomplish this (send notifications with attached form data as a PDF) without Reader Extensions?


            Thanks for your help.

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              Diana Densmore Level 3


              I'm not sure I understand your use case...it seems like you have tried a bit of everything!


              Are you using an xdp or a pdf form? Do you need to submit as xdp or pdf?

              Do you specifically need to customize your email messages on each task? ("Include Form Data in Email" tells me that you are creating custom email templates.) You could also use the main template in adminui and turn on Form and Data there and get a generic email with attachment for each task.


              I have never seen an issue with "Include Form Data in Email" causing deploy problems. I suspect there is some other cause. The server and workbench logs may give you a hint.


              The "Submit via Reader" on the startpoint and user service are only used in cases where you have no submit button on your form and you are using reader 9.1 and later to submit a form. It's a very specific use case....I don't think you need this.

              By setting it to "Submit as PDF" you would require a document variable not an xml variable. My guess is that this created your deploy issue.


              Try this simple use case from scratch to understand how things work:

              1) Create an application.

              2) Create a form xdp (or pdf) with the Process fields (checking the "Through email" checkbox on the wizard drops on the process fields.)

              3) Create a new process and choose "When a user submits a task in Workspace" as the startpoint and choose your form. Follow the rest of the wizard.

              4) On the startpoint, the wizard automatically picked that xdp/pdf as the Asset and set the Default profile and xml variable. (Don't select reader submit.)

              5) Add a user service and on the Presentation & Data tab, pick the same asset, action profile and variable. Pick you user on Initial User Selection tab.

              6) Deploy the app.

              7) In the adminui, turn on Task Assignment email notifications with form and data attached.



              When you submit the startpoint, the user at the next step will receive an email with form attached.

              Reader Extensions is not required.