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    Word breaking in layout without hyphen?


      Hi Team,


      This is really criticle issue.


      When I import XML into InDesign, it breaks word though hyphenation is made off in the style. The major problem is InDesign doesn't even introduce a hyphen while breaking a word in two lines. When I choose "Highlight H & J violation" from InDesign preferences, InDesign mark that line in yellow but that an unwanted exercise if the file is of say 300+ pages.


      It would be helpful if I can know a way to make InDesign doesn't break such instances. Below is the screenshot of the page:



      There are 8-9 comments immediatly after the text "scold" but I dont think they should interfere with breaking of this word as they are XML comments.


      Any help/suggestion is really appreciated.


      ...Sandeep Sharma