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    Left TOC pane gone in WebHelp in product but there when I generate help in RH

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      I have a help project setup as WebHelp. It is, for lack of a bettter word, embedded in one of our products. A Help tab brings up the project with default.html opens when the user clicks Help. I usually chane the name of the topic title Welcome to.....


      When I generate/compile within RoboHelp, the left pane with the Index looks fine (after allowing blocked content). Of course, it opens in a browser.

      WebHelp 1.jpg


      However, a co-worker in QA noticed that when it opens in the product, the index does not show. The entire WebHelp folder goes in the project (unlike all of my other help projects, which use a .chm that is the lone file pulled by Development).


      WebHelp 2.jpg

      It should look very similar to the following screenshot. (Don't worry about the product version)

      WebHelp 3.jpg


      Recently I adjusted the font size of the Contents, Index, search items in the left pane by using the WebHelp Skin Editor (Previously, I added a Search option as well for this new (4.2) version of the product. I opened the .hhk file but made no changes. But I don't see how any of that would affect the pane actually appearing or not.


      If anyone has any ideas on how tyo get the pane back, I'd really appreciate it. We're having a releasable build soon, and I need to remedy this. Thanks very much.