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    Synchronising .indb inconsistently changes hyphenation: help!

    Ivan O'Brien Level 1

      I am having a complete nightmare trying to use .indd files linked by a .indb file.

      .indd files are edited by a remote worker and then the .indb file re-synchronised. When this happens, the behaviour of paragraphs changes so that words move across lines, all widow-and-orphan work is rendered useless and my page endings etc change.

      I have a book of about 30 chapters, and the styles are synchronised. Whichever chapter I use as the style source remains the same as before, while all the others change, and always to make the text longer!

      I have two versions on one chapter where the behaviour of the "body text" paragraph style is not the same. I have checked every single setting I can think of, and they are all identical. Cutting-and-pasting the "wrong" version of the paragraph into the "right" document yields two consecutive paragraphs in the same paragraph style, with the same words, with no additional tracking or kerning over-rides AND DIFFERENT LINE-ENDINGS!


      In all my years of DTP work I have never seen the like! I'm putting through a (paid) call to Adobe to sort this out, but given that it has taken half an hour to get someone to take my credit card details I'm not holding out much hope there ...




      Ivan O'Brien

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Remote worker? How is he/she editing/saving and resubmitting the file to you? What version of ID? What O/S?



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            Ivan O'Brien Level 1

            Hi Bob,

               it's amazing how, when enraged, the simplest and most obvious of information does not occur to you! My apologies for such sloppy posting.

               The remote worker works locally on the .indd files and overwrites the version held on the network drive.

               All of us are using InDesign 5.5 on Windows XP SP3.

               After a good while on the phone to Adobe, it would appear that the issue was to do with remnants of third-party plugins on one machine, on which I am currently uninstalling and reinstalling CS5.5 in an attempt to purge any leftover memory of the plugins. The only plugins I tried were XTags and AutoFlowPro, both of which were trials that I did my best to uninstall -- not entirely successfully, as there were still startup warnings relating to them.


               This is not the only .indb issue that we have had since moving to InDesign recently, but it's certainly the most serious -- hopefully it is now resolved!