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    Windows projector quits fullscreen when opening pdf file


      Hi, hopefully someone on here can help with a problem I'm having.


      I'm working in CS5, using AS2 on a Mac.


      I've built a presentation that requires the need to open pdf files in Acrobat Reader... as I have been building this on a Mac I simply used the geturl code which has been working a treat... today when I tested it on a PC it opened the file in a browser window!


      I'm not really a coder and have to rely on finding bits online that I can tweak... after many hours I have fixed the pdf opening problem by using the fscommand method, but unfortunately when the pdf file is closed, my presentation (that was running fullscreen) has minimised itself to a window 100% to the original stage size!


      Is there any fix for this?


      Many thanks in advance.