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    Three requests.

    Jason Maranto

      I'm not sure these could really be considered new feature requests as much as requests to allow similar features to older versions:


      1) Please include the export to video option... probably the most vital of my requests.


      2) I would very much like the timeline on the bottom of the edit view as was before -- alternately a Photoshop type "grabber/hand" tool accessible via keyboard shortcut would do... my issue is moving all the way to the top of the monitor to manually scroll in edit mode is very out-of-the-way and when the timeline was on the bottom it worked fairly seamlessly.


      3) I would like the lasso tool (in Spectral edit mode) to be able to select all of the lower frequencies so that when I cut a word out (to paste elsewhere) with the lasso I get the whole sound... again this is the way it worked in a previous version and I would very much like to have it work that way again.

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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          Hi Jason,


          The Export to Video command is in our feature backlog.  I hope it is a feature that can be accomplished this development cycle.  Can I ask if you're simply looking for a basic export of a video stream with new audio, or would you require advanced codec options for video files you generate?


          I know the timeline option is also in the feature backlog, although I don't know its priority off the top of my head.  If you have a mouse or trackpad that supports horizontal scrolling, this may be a sufficient workaround, but I agree that having a ruler near the transport controls often made navigating simpler.  I'll include your comments in the Feature Request notes.


          As for the lasso tool missing lower frequencies, I do see some discrepancies in the selection feathering that did not seem to be an issue in Audition 3.  I'll investigate further and submit a bug report on this issue.

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            Jason Maranto Level 1

            Hi Durin,


            Thank-you for the reply. To answer your question a basic export of the video with new audio is good enough for me..