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    Reader X, Windows 7, autofill forms wrong

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      Reader X, Windows 7, autofill forms wrong


      I often use pre made forms at work in Reader X. I have auto complete turned on to basic and save numerical is checked, though I rarely use the same numbers.


      I think this started with the an update of Reader a few months ago, but when I am typing in numbers in forms sometimes it will not take what I typed, it overrides it with a previously used item. Sometimes I am trying to enter say, 1214, it will start autofilling other numbers after I type the 2 and if I just keep tying it still takes the autofill number even if I ignore it. The only way to get the correct number is to let it auto fill then go back and correct it and delete the ending characters that it filled in.


      I did not create the forms I'm using, they are provided by my state and I cannot modify them.


      I searched the web and the forums here and didn't find anything.