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    Balance Image Quality with Small File Size


      I need to first express that I'm a fully self-taught Flash designer. No one has ever sat down and tried to explain to me the DOs and DONTs about Flash. I have followed tutorials, books, and anything else I can get my hands on, but never a person. People of Flash seem to be very hard to find, in my personal experience.


      I am the most comfortable with Photoshop, knowing very little about Illustrator or Fireworks.


      That said, I have been asked to create a 45KB (yikes!) max file, rotating 3 .jpg images I created from other .jpgs given to me. The images are usually large, so I am given room to compress them for a 300px x 250 px stage.


      However, these images are always my biggest culprit for my huge file size. I'll import them in, making them into Graphic Symbols, but nothing seems to prevent the enourmous file size.


      When given the raw images, I would throw them into Photoshop, make the files the correct 300x250 size. Then I have tried: saving the image at the best resolution in .jpg and .png form, and then I tried saving the images as low-as-I-could-stomach quality. I hardly see a difference with file size when they are imported into Flash and used.


      I was told to use Fireworks's Optimize function, which I did, but it made my .swf even bigger!




      When I have my Flash piece all set up/animted as I want, but I need to replace the bitmap(.jpg/.png) photos, I will:


      right click on the bitmap to get properties, "upload" the new image to be used, adjust the Quality, having "Allow smoothing" unclicked.

      I understand I should make as much of the graphics in Flash as I can, instead of Import, but I am primarily given photographs to use.

      Seeing what my previous peers have done is mind-puzzling, but they are not around, so I cannot ask them for their advice. Their files are under 45KB and look sharp and amazing:






      I am hoping someone can help me get my .jpg files under control. Thank you in advance for your help.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          normally, you would "load" those bitmaps.  that way their file size has no impact on your swf file size.


          are you allowed to load those bitmaps?


          from that atep site i can see neither of those swfs are loading any bitmaps.  but the bitmaps used are much smaller than 300x250.

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            Lon Winters Level 4

            You're certainly on the right track by sizing and optimizing the photos in Photoshop. Are you using  optimize for web or save as? Jpgs are your best bet, I find the a 40 quality is just about the point the quality starts badly degrading. In Flash, the only other things you didn't mention is the frame rate and JPEG compression setting in publish settings. Frame rate has a bigger impact on file size than the additional compression. Also, are you using keyframes for teed ing or the AS tween class? This I don't know for sure if it affects file size, but it just seems that motion Tweens with keyframes would add to the size. How far away from the target are you?