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    Reader X crashes when user profile redirected to 2nd local disk


      This issue is related to, and possibly a duplicate of, the Reader X Folder Redirection issue.  This is with Reader version 10.1.0 on Windows 7.  Reader version 9 works fine, and if we run Reader X in XP compatibility mode it also works fine, but then we lose protected mode operation.


      In our Windows 7 deployments, there are two local disks (C: and U:).  For most users the profile is relocated from C: to U: and replaced by a junction point, for example "C:\Users\fred" is really a junction point to "U:\Users\fred". This is part of our user data backup/restore mechanism and a key part of how we manage Windows images for users.  This works well for most applications but we have found that it causes Reader X to crash with a MSVC++ runtime error similar to what others have reported in different circumstances.  Here is what we have observed so far.


      1.  Reader X will crash immediately when a user attempts to start it from the desktop or start menu.  Procmon suggests that this crash is related to errors encountered when the application attempts to access the user's temp folder (C:\Users\fred\AppData\Local\Temp) which is really on the U: drive.


      2.  Resetting the TEMP and TMP environment variables to "C:\temp" allows the application to launch, but...


      3.  Once Reader X is launched, some features will cause it to crash in the same way.  For example displaying preferences causes it to crash immediately (Edit/Preferences in the menu or using the Ctrl-K shortcut).  Procmon suggests this is related to the application trying to access the "C:\Users\fred\AppData\Roaming" folder which is really on the U: drive.


      4.  Reader X never crashes and works just fine if the user's profile has not been relocated from the C: drive to the U: drive.  But this only applies to a small fraction of users that we manage.


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I can provide Procmon traces if that might be helpful.

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          We were experiencing the same issue.

          We solved this by creating a GPO:

          First open your GP mangement console, edit the GPO to which this applies. (This is a user GPO, so make sure you are on the user Ou!)


          User Configuration\Preferences\Drive Maps

          Add a new drive mapping, mapped to \\server\share\%username% (in our case we mapped to P:\)

          On the Common tab, make sure the "Run in user context" is ticked.

          Next create a shortcut (or multiple shortcuts)


          User Configuration\Preferences\Shortcuts

          Add a shortcut to

          C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe (this is for Adobe Reader XI on Win x64; lookup your local path on the destination machines)

          Change the start in to P:\ (the driveletter used in the drive mapping)

          On the common tab also make sure this policy runs in the Logged-on user's security context.


          This solved all issues at our end and we have this running with Adobe Reader X and XI


          If you need to apply this to both Win x32 and x64 machines, you can apply item level targeting and choose the Operating system of choice. (If you add 2 OS'es, like Win 7 and Win 8, make sure that the option is OR and not AND).


          good luck