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    [CS5][JSX] File from the web?

    James Robinson

      Is it possible to use a file from the web?


      For instance I have an xsl file I want to use that is at a domain:




      If I use File('http://www.someserver.net/myxsl.xsl') it tries to start searching for 'http://www.someserver.net/myxsl.xsl' from the scripts path:

      C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS5\Scripts\XHTML for Digital Editions\http:\someserver.net\myxml.xsl


      which does not exist. If I use a string it simply says




      does not exist (not sure why quotes are doubled around it).


      The error is thrown when I go to open the XML file with the transform variable:


      cDoc.xmlImportPreferences.allowTransform = true;
      cDoc.xmlImportPreferences.transformFilename = defaultPathImportXSL;
      cDoc.importXML( XMLFilePath );


      defaultPathImportXSL is the variable contianing the path to to the XSL file (wrapped in File() or not -- this is the variable that is not found).

      XMLFilePath is the variable contianing the path to the XML file which works (can be found).


      Is there a way to use a web URL as a usable file in InDesign?