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    How to Auto-populate TextField in Acrobat x with a value determined by user check box selection?

    RZB052 Level 1

      I have a group of 3 Check Boxes for user to select their Work Shift:  The check boxes are set up to be mutually exclusive (same name: "EMP_Shift", different Export Values: Day, Evening, Night).


      Form Field properties name:      EMP_Shift (for all 3 check boxes)

      Acrobat edit panel field names:  EMP_Shift#0, EMPShift#1, EMPShift#2

      Export Values:                         Day, Evening, Night (chose these only because they are descriptive)


      I need to Auto-populate a Text Field named EMP_WorkShift with "Day" if EMP_Shift#0 is selected, "Evening" if EMPShift#1 is selected, or "Night" if EMPShift#2 is selected.


      Is there a script I can use to accomplish this in Acrobat Pro X.