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    Right file name, wrong clip played in CS5.5?

    ELLasater Level 1

      I just upgraded to Premiere CS5.5 from CS4.  I imported a CS4 project to make one text change before re-exporting to Encore.


      It's a multi-cam edit, using a combination of mpeg and AVCHD footage. It looks like most of it imported properly, however, there's one clip (AVCHD) that's showing the right file name, but plays the wrong footage for that clip.


      I thought it might be that the cache files were wonky, so removed the clip from the sequence, deleted it from the project and then removed all the cache files I could find relating to - first the clip - and then the entire project.  After opeing the project and re-importing the clip, it STILL insists on playing the wrong footage for that file.  (I've triple checked the file names, locations, etc.)


      It looks like I finally got it to work by copying the original file and reimporting the same clip with a different file name.  As long as it's working now, that's great, but this has me stumped... Has anyone else seen this behavior?

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Normally one is able to import project into a higher version with out any problem.

          But sometimes for some unknown reason it does not work properly.

          General advice is to finish especially big or compexe project in the version they started with.

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            Andrey V Level 2

            I have never seen this, but I have heard about this before. And the error was fixed updating a video card driver.

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              ELLasater Level 1

              Ann - lol, thanks for the advice - I normally would, but there's a back story in this case!! 


              Before I could go back in and make the change, my video drive failed - all I had was the single final DVD copy with the typo on it. In fact, it failed just as I plugged it back in to make the correction - talk about frustrating!! (I'm usually a bit better about keeping a back up.)


              So, the drive was sent back to the company to get a quote on retrieving the data and in the meantime, we received the CS5 software and installed it. The good news was that the company looked at the drive and determined that it was a known firmware bug. They repaired it and sent it back at no charge, data intact! I hadn't expected to ever actually be able to go back in and fix the  project - I just figured it was lost and we'd have to use what we had  finished.