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    HELP!! Export Problems


      Ok, new to fireworks need some help big time. I have a finished prototype that I'm trying to export into a working website. I get that Fireworks isn't the best exporter as far as more complicated designs, but I'm kind of at a loss on what to do. I've tried making it all one div tag and throwing everything in there, I've tried splitting it up into div tags that meet. My main issue I think is that I have so many images that over lap, when I slice things they over lap and that causes a ton of problems. I have the bottom "text" as roll overs with effects and I need those to export cleanly. The black placeholder is for flash content. So my questions are, what is the best way to export a design like this that doesn't have a whole lot of symmetrical design or clear cut content space. My other pages lose the flowery stuff and use the flash space for content. I need the images to export and layer correctly, (the tree needs to be on top of the flash content, how do I do that without sliceing out the top) I need the background flowers to be positioned right there but obviously I can't just slice them or I have a nice pretty useless webpage that does nothing! I need my menu button to function. So that's a lot of questions but like I said, I've tried a combination of everything I can think of, exporting at different stages, etc., which apparently isn't working super well. I would appreciate any help anyone has for me GREATLY. Thanks.


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