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    GTX 570 - driver issues?


      My new CS5.5 system freezes up ... sometimes giving me error messages, sometimes not. I have to reboot via reset switch to get out of it. It seems to happen most when viewing footage or using mouse navigating footage.


      When I do get error messages, it has referenced OPEN GL and NVIDIA kernel errors.  The most recent last two display drivers are not the answer, even worse I think.


      Are there older drivers that have worked for people?  Are there other settings I need to modify?  I have gone through the win 7 tweaks and turned Aero off  ...


      Or am I wrong that this is not a GPU issue?



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Hard to tell without any details. The least we need to know is your source material, driver versions in use, your project settings, what you were doing when the hang occurred, what you have tried to remedy the situation, what the events log tells you, what processes are running, etc. In short the whole enchilada.

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            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

            Those messages normally mean your GPU is getting to hot and shutting down or going into a sleep statet o cool down. The Nvidia auto fan control is not aggressive enough to handle the heat from the MPE engine in longer projects especially on encoding. This is why we recommend manually setting the fan control to ramp in PP and AME at the least.




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              nantoskey Level 1

              Thanks you guys ... my fans can definitely be cranked up. Hopefully that's all it is as my troubleshooting may have gotten myself into more issues, which I need to post shortly.



              Nan Toskey