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    Please help me, i have a big problem, thank


      hello, sorry for English, but i'm italian.I have a big problem with pre 9. Until yesterday i was working quitley on editing a video of 2 hours; this morning i didn't open anything, even a new project, i open the home of pre and load the project but after the screen remains blank, even if i load a new project. I updated the video card driver (intel hd graphics), i download quick time i had already downloaded, unistalled and re-install the program several times but nothing. I have windoes vista intel core i3, 2 gb of ram. Please help me, yesterday was fine, today i don't know what happens, i'm goin crazy. Thanks a lot I wait for responce, exume for english.

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          Dannyboy_90 Level 1

          sorry i have windows 7 not vista

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            Bob Dix Photographer Level 2

            Try Running XP Mode with Windows Virtual PC www.microsoft.com/virtual-pc. Other contributors to this form may tell you this will not help, it is worth a try, as I have had windows and files/clips from an older version of Premiere Elements disappear and not restart correctly. If PE 9 is under support, phone them.

            I have had no, and I mean NO issues since installing Windows Virtual PC for Premiere Elements 4, Premiere Pro 1.5.1 and all those other programs which used to run on the old XP computer, I now operate an i7 64 bit Xeon Quad Core. I have trialled Premiere Elements 9 but, I found it not good enough for our editing, tried CS5 5.5 and found that unsuitable, I am now using Sony Vegas Platinium Studio 11 as well as Premiere Pro 1.5.1 which is very good.I might add, Premiere Elements 4 is running better than ever in the i7 computer and it can handle H.264 and AVCHD codecs and can Export to Blu-ray and Export to Tape..



            Good luck, your  English is better than my Italian 


            This may solve the problem if you were running this program with VISTA , it is a 32 bit program , my i7 computer recognised the operating system for PE 9 as Vista


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              When someting works one day, but not the next, then something has changed. Finding out what the change is, can be tough.


              Most people have their OS set to update automatically, and they are unaware that an OS update, or hot-fix has been applied. That can change things drastically, and especially with regards to things like audio and video drivers.


              Having an Intel, embedded graphics chip, will limit you on the drivers, as they make good chips, but seem to ignore writing drivers to support those.


              Since things did work, just a day, or so, ago, I would first do a System Restore Point for now. Do this manually. Then, I would reboot to Safe Mode, and choose an earlier System Restore Point. You will be required to reboot. Test things with that earlier system configuration. Please report if things work, as they recently did. Now, if they do, you have at least tracked down a time frame, when something changed. Finding out what it was, is still a task.


              For general PrE problems, see this ARTICLE.


              Good luck,




              PS - I have no issues with your English. Like Bob Dix, my Italian is very limited - Gaja, Amarone, Barolo and Imàgo at the Hassler Roma.