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    formatting from style sheets seems to be lost when upgrading html help projects from RH v7 to RH v9.




      I recently upgraded from RoboHelp HTML v7 to v9 and have discovered that the formatting from the style sheets included in the original projects (from v7) appears to be lost when I upgrade the projects to v9 and compile. The formatting all appears as it should in the style sheets, and also looks good in the editor as well as when viewing, But, once I compile, everything (headings, body text, etc) changes to Times New Roman, which is incorrect (I use mostly Arial fonts amd some other basic san serif fonts). If I go back into each topic and reapply the styles, or for that matter make any changes, then save and recompile, the formatting then seems to be intact. I obviously don't want to have to do this for every topic in all my help files, so I was wondering if anyone had experienced aything like this and, if so, how was it remedied? Just another note, this does appear to be somewhat intermittent or sporadic in that sometimes the text is in Navy (as it should be) and other times in Black. Other times, some of the font attributes seem to carry over, but most times they do not. This also appears to have affected the paragraph formatting as well. I use mainly full justification formatting and the text now appears to be left justified.


      Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks very much,