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    Corrupt PNG?

    patrickdewane Level 1

      I've been working on a project in Fireworks CS4 the last couple weeks, and today I cannot open the PNG file. Nothing out of the ordinary happened recently and I haven't had any issues with the software. The message I get when opening the file is "Could not open the file. Unknown file type." I've tried opening the document in Photoshop, Illustrator and Paint (the only other image editing programs I have) and none have worked. Also, Windows does not show the preview of the document when viewing it in explorer.


      I have also tried having two colleagues open the document in both CS4 and CS5 and both had the same problem.


      Prior to attaching the document, I'm curious if there is anythign else I can try. Thanks in advance.

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Have you moved the file from where you first saved it? I've found that PNG files opened and saved with some Mac software will not open in Fireworks.

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            patrickdewane Level 1

            Yes, I have tried moving the file to another location. If it helps, I'm using CS4 on Windows 7 and I have the most recent updates to my adobe software. Hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction because if I can't open this document anymore, I've lost some work I'm really proud of.

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              Linda Nicholls Level 4

              DON'T MOVE THE FILE! Fireworks may not recognize it if you move it. That's why I asked if you had moved it already. Can you open it in the native windows drawing program or file viewer? Can you see a thumbnail of it in Windows explorer? If not, download a free copy of IrfanView and see if that will open it. If not, you may be out of luck. ;-(



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                patrickdewane Level 1

                I attempted everything I stated in my original post prior to moving the file. Also, I would be quite surprised if the location of a file was a factor in the validity of the file. Given my line of work, I constantly shuffle these types of files around and have never had this problem before.


                No, I cannot open the file in Paint or Preview. A thumbnail does not show in Windows Explorer. IrfanView also did not work.


                Any other ideas?

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                  Priyanka Adobe Employee



                  If you are on Windows, try creating a FW_DetailLog.txt file inside the installed folder.(Adobe/Adobe Fireworks CS4) and relaunch Fireworks.

                  You can send in this log file for us to look into what is causing the issue.

                  Also, would it be possible for you to share the file with Fireworks team?