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    Importing Ps files into Flash




      Ok, so Flash was importing my PSD files in the folders I had my layers filed into.  Well ... now, Flash will only import PSD folders as one big file and so I cannot edit in Flash.


      I am a relative newbie so apologies if the answer seems dead obvious !!


      Help appreciated




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          smitchell94 Level 2

          Im not sure exactly what the problem is. When i have imported PSD file's into flash it gives you the option of selecting layers, and adding that layer to a new layer in the time line or something like that.


          You need to state the problem, and state what you are trying to achieve learly. If flash is placing the PSD's into a folder, cant you open the folder and place stuuf where you need it?


          Flash is not photoshop, its not made for editing psd files.


          But i sugges if all you want is 'still' psd file's save them as jpegs from withing photoshop and import them into flash.

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            Idris_Mansoor Level 1

            Erm, well all I want is layers in flash as they appear in Ps.  Does that make sense?


            Eg, if i've designed a web page in Ps and I bring that into Flash, they they being brought in now the buttons are all included in one layer in Flash.  So, how am I supposed to tag the buttons accordingly ??