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    Question on launching SWF's with AIR support

    Meate Level 2

      I apologize in advance for my ignorance in this, but I am just getting started using Flex/Flash.


      The Adobe PDF Driver SDK recommends using Flash for the driver UI.  One of the entries in the configuration file for the driver is for specifying the path to the SWF file.  It is this SWF file that is shown when the driver UI is displayed.


      I have a need in the driver I am creating to access the File system, and so I need to build this SWF as an AIR app (so I can include flash.filesystem.*).  But the problem is that I can only specify the name of the SWF file in the configuration file, and can't tell it to run adl.exe nor specify the descriptor file.


      Is there any way to build an AIR app (as a desktop app) without it needing adl or the descriptor file?


      I am currently using a trial version of Flash Builder, but ultimately the SWFs will need to be created on the fly using the command-line compiler (amxmlc).