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    How to easily get an Adobe Flash CS5.5 Professional project into Flash Builder 4.5?


      Hey all,


      I am new and trying to do the following, can you please guide/help me do it:


      I have a video chat application that is done on Adobe Flash CS5.5. I had the problem of "echo" so I wanted to use "getEnhancedMicrophone()". When I replaced "getMicrophone()" with "getEnhancedMicrophone()", Adobe Flash CS5.5 Professional didn't recognize it. I knew I need Flex, so I installed Flash Builder. And then got lost. What I simply want is just import my "FLA" file (or if I need to convert it to something else using a specific tool, let me know.. I have Adobe Flash CS5.5 Professional and can install other required applications if needed) done on Adobe CS5.5, into Flash Builder, and then "support Flex" so that I compile with the flash-version argument required.


      I am totally new to MXML and Flash Builder, and even Flex. I don't know how to import a FLA and add "Flex" libraries into it simply to make "getEnhancedMicrophone()" work without the need to recreate the whole thing on Flash Builder. Can you guide me please? The output is for a web SWF file, not a desktop application.