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    Help with cursor please. . And Syncing Video to Audio.


      Hello, and thanks for reading this. I'm starting with a small project to start learning Premier.


      I've taken about 25 second clips from some songs and mixed them into a 15 minute mix, I would like to incorperate live tour footage of him preforming the song in sync with the songs so that his mouth is moving at the same time and Hand and body movements and such. .


      I'm having a hard time doing this because unlike Adobe Audition when you select a part of the timeline and hit space to play, and then hit space again to pause it and can have the cursor jump back to where it was when you hit play the first time, in Premier when you hit pause it stops where you pause it, and i have to move the timeline, which is very hard to do when I'm zoomed in so far because I need to be presise.


      Is there a better way to do this, or any tips you can provide to help me?


      So far I've added markers to the beginning and end of each song, but it still needs about 3 secs of fine tuning which is proving to be hard when I have to keep zooming out and moving back.


      Thanks so much..