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    Trouble Installing InDesign CS5 On A Second Computer


      Some time ago, I purchased a copy of InDesign CS5 from a seller on eBay. I was able to successfully install it on my MacBook and have been using it for the past few months. I recently purchased a new iMac; since the screen is so much bigger than the MacBook's, I wanted to install InDesign on the new computer as well. While I know you can't use InDesign on an unlimited number of computers, I assumed that, given how much it costs (even on eBay), that you should be able to use it on at least two or three computers. (I only need it to work on two.)


      But when I tried installing InDesign on the iMac, I ran into a problem. When I entered the serial number, I got a message that read "The serial number you entered is valid, but a qualifying product cannot be found on this computer." I have no idea exactly what that means. It went on to say "To use the serial number you entered for your upgrade, you must own one of these qualifying products" -- but the only options they provided were Adobe Pagemaker 6.0, 6.5 and 7.0. So now I'm completely confused.


      I did sign in on the Adobe website using my ID and password, but that didn't seem to help.


      I really don't know what to do. I'm going to be very, very disappointed if I can only use InDesign on one computer. Considering the cost, you ought to be able to use it on more than one computer. If you can't, would it be possible to delete InDesign from the MacBook in order for me to install it on my iMac? I'd really hate to do that but part of the reason I bought the bigger computer was that I had hoped it would make it easier to do layouts on a bigger screen.


      Any help or suggestions any one can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.