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    Flash Catalyst Timeline Inflexible in 5.5 - Better in 5, but still not great.

    Dylan Nirvana

      I have noticed that the Timeline in 5.5 does not allow me to zoom out as much as in 5. In both cases, the timeline interface leaves a lot to be desired. But in 5.5, it is virtually unusable. I have created transitions in a slideshow that I authored in FC5. Then, I upgraded because I wanted to roundtrip the design with Flash Builder 4.5. No dice. The timeline is just so inflexible as to be unusable. I am sacrificing any roundtripping aspirations on this one.


      Are there any plans to improve the timeline? To make it more user-friendly like the one in Flash? (I am aware of the difference between frame-rate and timers - I am talking about the usability of the interface here. Anyway, Cheers!



      As a second note: any hope that an upgrade will allow you to open more than one document at a time? Or that the interface will become more user-friendly in general? Thanks and have a splendid afternoon.