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    More cores or a faster cpu?


      Hey I'm lookin at a new laptop for school, and I will need to run AE and Premeir. Now I'm not going for a completely decked out rig so I just need to know should I be looking at the build that's got an i7-quad core 2.0 ghz, 8GBs ddr3, and an Nvidia Geforce 550m 1GB? Or should I go for the i7-dual core 2.7 ghz, 8GBs ddr3, and Intel HD 3000?


      An intersting note, the dual core with the higher speed and the intel HD graphics card is about 100 dollars more (which is mainly where this question is coming from)


      And finally, please don't tell me about benchmarks. I'm not looking for the computer that can get a higher score in a benchmark test; I'm looking for the computer that can handle VFX layered on top of full HD video better. So thanks in advance for answering this question