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    RH9 Proj Mgr not showing the images

    Alberti Level 1

      I am importing topics from one RH9 project into another. The topics come in fine, with images intact. However the images are not going into the Proj Mgr "Images" folder. In fact they cannot be seen anywhere via the Project Manager (yes I have selected Show All file types and yes I have tried toggling the Proj Mgr view).


      RH does create subfolders within the Images node that are named after the topic folders into which I import the topics, however these show up as being empty. Why does RH9 create them and then not use them?


      Windows Explorer shows me that the physical image files are sitting in the <topic name>_files folder that gets created when I import the topic. However, these files are not visible via the project manager.


      If I cannot see the image files in the Project Manager, how can I move them into the Images folder? Is there an option I need to set to make the imported images visible in the Project Manager?