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    Exporting AAF without Premiere crashing would be excellent




      Are other people having this complete brick wall of a problem when exporting AAF files?

      I'm trying to use premiere to create an aaf for a conform from an existing cut sequence, quite why is a long story (cheers, 3D).


      I've got four minute sequences, however each and every time I've asked it to export an aaf, it get 2/3rds way through creating it and crashes.


      Even when I make a new project, get a handful of either uncompressed .mov or MXF clips, all of which are housed on this mac and play fine, and create a very basic 2 minute sequence, and export as aaf, it crashes.  Markers and active areas are looking just at the tiny sequence, so there's no way it could be crashing under the weight of media or timeline.


      Crash crash crash.  Am I being a donkey here?  There seem to be so few options or checkboxes when exporting aaf to a desktop, it seems utterly bizarre.


      It's premiere pro cs5 version 5.0.3, running on mac pro version 10.6.8, 16gb ram, 2x2.26 GHz Quad-core processors, a perfectly decent machine otherwise running fine, nothing else open.


      Any thoughts?