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    Video Export Settings

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      Perhaps someone can help clear up a couple Video export setting issues which have always been a bit confusing for me. Everything seems to be working fine with my media exports (mostly 1280 x 720 for internet uploads / some 1920 x 1080 for Vimeo.)

      I am working with a Sony Ex1r / mostly at the 30p / sometimes at 60i:

      I export as H264:

      In the export settings dialog box / under video:

      The Profile / picture aspect and level settings have always been a bit of a mystery to me...

      >>Any links where I can read up on the proper settings to use for specific tasks.

      When I export my 30p footage as 1280x720, I set it this way:

      Frame Rate 30 / Field order, progressive / Pixel aspect ratio, Square Pixels / Profile, Main.

      The end result seems to work out ok but there are a variety of other settings in there I don’t know when to use...

      Field order / 30 p progressive, so I leave it at square pixels.

      What’s with the Wide Screen 16:9 & the Wide Screes 2:21:1 settings, when to use?

      The Settings under Profile, these seem to be some kind of preset which gives certain output settings, 1920x1080, 1280x720 and changes the field order etc... (This I usually set manually to what I want in the other dialog boxes)

      Can someone shine some light on this for me so I can understand a little better?

      Again, I use the Sony Ex1r / shoot at mostly 30p or 60i settings 1920x1080.

      Export as 1920x1080 and sometimes as 1280x720 mostly for internet upload at this time...

      Have not got to the proper Blue Ray or DVD export settings yet, any info on that topic?

      Thanks folks / I’m still hanging in here:


      Back in gear after over a year of unsolved tec support issues with CS4, another new computer, new camera & new version of Premier CS5 (old now).I'm broke. just blew almost 19 grand on this new setup with camera and accessories.

      CS 5.5 came out a few weeks or so after I installed CS5.  Anyway, my new system is a little more solid that my previous I7 system with CS4..  Two new systems in a little over a year is a bit mutch for the pocket book.  Not going to be doing this again in the near future.




      Win-7 Pro 64bit

      Gygabyte X58A_UD5

      Core I7 / 970 / 24gb Ram / PNY Nvidia Quadro 4000, 2gb

      WD Velcro Raptor, OS

      4 WD Black 7200 E-Sata-3 work drives / non raid, seems to work just fine so far.