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    Cut video and then export seperate clips



      I was wondering if anyone can help me with the following:
      I am trying to cut a long video (about 40 minutes) into several short clips (about 15 seconds each) and export these as seperate clips.
      I have been able to cut the long video into all the seperate short clips with Premiere Pro CS 5.5, but I cannot find an efficient way to export them all at once. I have considered using Adobe Media Encoder to export all the short clips, but I cannot use the usual "drag and drop" option for all the short clips. I have to export every single short clip, which takes quite a while, so I hope someone can tell me, why I cannot drag all the clips into AME at once. Or maybe someone knows a better way to export all these short clips...
      I'm using a Mac, the short clips should be in f4v-format when exported. The original long video is in dv. If you need any other information, please let me know.
      I have not used the programme that often, so thanks a lot in advance for any help!