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    Importing .vob files & audio troubles

    PacBluez Level 1

      Having problems trying to import .vobs.   Never had any problems until the past couple days.  Now the audio won't load on anything.  Wondering how the .cfa files are erroring out during imports.  Can anyone help?  I have several major projects to do.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Interesting. To be DVD-compliant, the Audio Stream should be PCM/WAV, or DD AC3, and at 48KHz 16-bit, so they should Import fine, and Conform easily. Now, there could be supplemental Audio Streams, like DTS, but you should still be able to get the primary Audio Stream.


          What is different about this/these VOB(s)?


          As for Conforming (creation of CFA's and PEK files), are you letting that process complete 100%? There is a progress bar at the lower-right of the GUI. I recommend not touching the computer, and especially that Asset, until Conforming is complete.


          Good luck, and let us know a little more.




          PS - once, PrPro had issues with DD AC3 Audio, but full support was added, as of about CS 4.0.3, so that should not be an issue in CS 5, or 5.5.

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            I just linked to a previous post, where you attached that, or similar image, in another VOB issue post.


            Thanks for that, as it should help others.



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              PacBluez Level 1

              Good lord...  Gentlemen, I consider myself quite savvy with computers in general.  But this one calls for bashing my head against my desk.  I'm pretty good with disk mgmt, but this time ahem... I was down to 700KB on my HDD.  Granted, I had everything saved on an external HDD w' 450+ TB space open, but my laptop HDD was down to near nothing.  Cleaned some up, emptied the box, started the program back up, reimported the audio files, and voila... 


              It appears that even though the .cfas are saving to an external HDD, still need SOME ample space on the main to try to run (smoothly).  Good info, anyways, guys.  Thanks.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Glad that you found the curprit.


                As a HDD gets to about 70% of capacity, its performance begins to diminish, and when one nears 100%, there is a greater likelihood of a failure. It is always good to try and stay below that ~70% of capacity range. Cleanup is very good, and most people are surprised by how much "stuff" has collected over time. Much can be archived, and then some can just be Deleted.


                Though my laptop has a 3x internal SATA HDD system, I also edit often to/from FW-800 externals, as I need to migrate between that laptop and my workstation. I had issues with USB 2.0 externals, and found FW-400's too slow for my liking, but the FW-800's work fine for me. Were I not so heavily invested in the FW-800's, I would choose eSATA instead, as it will be even faster. You might want to explore fast externals on the laptop. The only caveat is that you will want to go into the OS and assign a unique drive letter to each external, so that the links to Assets are constant, regardless of the order that you plug things in, or turn them on. I do this in the OS of each computer, so that my Z:\ external is always seen as Z:\ on both computers.


                Good luck,