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    Using form field information for email address in mailto function




      I have encountered a problem for which I don't seem to be able to find an answer, even after multiple hours spent browsing the web:


      Basically, I have created a form that I want to distribute to my clients who are supposed to use it for their clients. This is to ensure that all processes are standardised.


      My client will fill in one part of the form with their contact details, including their contact email address in a separate field. The end user (client of my client) will fill in the rest of the form. After completing the form, the end user is then meant to click on a button that will submit the whole pdf form via email.


      I know how to set a recipient email address using the mailto: function; however, as I have multiple clients that the form will be distributed to in the first place, I cannot pre-determine the target of the mailto: command. Hence I was wondering if it is possible to set the target of the mailto: function to use the information that my client has entered in the contact email address field so that, once that particular form field is populated, the email address is imported into the functionality of the button, and thus ensuring that the submit button is appropriately individualised.


      I would have thought it is possible, as it is possible, for example, to use part of the form to appear as the body text of an email, but since I am still very much a beginner/amateur regarding all things javascript/php, I have no idea what the script should be like.


      Any thoughts and all help would be greatly appreciated.


      Kind regards and many thanks.