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    "A.swf" on level 0 to a "B.swf" on level 1 with an "gotoAndStop(5)????


      Has enybody an idea, how i can refer from a flash "A.swf" on level 0 to a "B.swf" on level 1 with an "gotoAndStop(5). I tried it with:


      loadMovieNum("B.swf", 9), gotoAndStop(5);


      and other variations. It didn´t work anytime. Has anybody an idea how it can work?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are trying to tell the B swf to gotoAndStop(5) after it has loaded, you need to wait until it has loaded and you need to target it as well.  Look into using the MovieClipLoader class.  If you look at the MovieClipLoader.addListener section of the help documents it provides an example of how to listen for completion of loading.  After loading you need to target the loaded movie... just using gotoAndStop(5) alone is tagerting whatever timeline that code is in, not any specific object.

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