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    Fireworks CS5 click-through prototype - how to organize?


      In Fireworks CS5 I'm trying to organize a click-through prototype, but I can't seem to get it to work as intended. I have the following Pages:


      • Master page
      • Page 1
      • Page 2


      On the Master page I have (apart from a static background image) two instances of the same button Symbol to make a global navigation. One button is linked to Page 1 and the other to Page 2. The button Symbol has a certain look for the two states: Over (hover) and Down (click) states.

      If I export the pages as a html click-through prototype, the two buttons work as expected when I start navigating from the Master page, apart from one thing:


      • The Down states aren't shown on click and they aren't persisted (for you-are-here indicators) when either Page 1 or Page 2 is loaded.


      So my question(s) is/are:


      What am doing wrong/have I misunderstood? / How can I organize my prototype differently to make sure the clicked state of the buttons are shown and persisted as I navigate through the prototype?

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          I can reproduce the issue and have notified the Fireworks Dev team along with supplying them with my sample. In the meantime, one workaround is to place a static graphic, representing your down states, on the appropriate pages.


          Alternatively, do not use button symbols. Rather, place the graphic for each state on an actual state in the Master page, then apply a slice and add a Navbar behavior. It's a bit more work and not as elegant as the button symbol, but it does work. Make sure to add the same number of (blank) states to your other pages.


          Let me know if you need specific steps.