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    How to fix exit code 4 on ADL




      I'm trying to build an application using a trial version of FlashBuilder 4, using SDK 4.1. The SDK has AIR 2.0.2 overlayed.

      When I run my ant builds, it all works as expected, but running adl from the command line, or from within FlashBuilder the app just terminates.


      I inspected the exit code, and got code 4.

      The last information I found was that exit code 4 means I had a version conflict. What I don't understand is that my ant build points to the same SDK I try to run from the command line, and the same SDK configured in FlashBuilder.


      Then I figured it might be the version of the runtime on my system, I downloaded an app called 'Version' (Air App), and it reports that I'm running Air 2.7, I cannot find an older version download for OSX.


      I'm really eager to try out FlashBuilder, and my trial is almost over, I have had no luck, and it's starting to drive me insane.


      Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?