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    Hardware not Supporting Premiere Pro  CS5.5 (and after effects)

    Michael Bannon

      Hardware: 1st generation Macbook Pro 2.0Ghz Intel Core Duo processor, 2g (maximum ) ram, 500gb hybrid SSD/7200 hard drive. Mac OS leaopard 6.6


      I bought the master collection recently which includes premiere and after effects CS5.5. Pre sales I was advised by adobe that ALL macbook pros will run all these products (by an adobe customer services Advisor)


      I can't load them because (as I have now learnt) that the core duo processor only supports 32 bit- I phoned technical support, many times since 15th July and was repeatedly told that ALL macbook pros can run them, it was just a case of changing my OS to 64 bit. Apple are clear that this is not the case.


      Eventually I was referred to a tier 2 advisor, who asked me which processor type, and finally said it is clear that I need earlier versions to run on this and I would be contacted by email to provide a earlier 32 bit version of these 2 programs (as is supplied to windows 32 bit users). This was 2 weeks ago and I have had no response, I have phoned several times and some advisors try to start the whole process again and insisting that I should be able to install these.


      Today an advisor has told me that they have checked the notes and the tier 2 advisor has advised I "need to upgrade my hardware" (ie buy a new mac !!!)


      No-one will give me any phone numbers of a tier 2 advisor to discuss this or complain about it. Nor an email address.


      First i want to request that adobe, having misled me, should give me earlier copies. Especially as this has already been agreed. Secondly I want to complain about the huge amount of time wasted and how I have been fobbed off.


      Apologies if this is not the exact forum space for it but I cannot find the issue on FAQ so I would be very grateful if anyone can put me in touch with the right person, or if any of the moderators would know.


      Michael Bannon