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    Flash CS5.5 publishing incomplete SWF

    tallscot Level 1



      I have an FLA that has 20 scenes in it. When I publish it, the resulting SWF plays fine up to scene 16. At that point, I get the streaming audio, but the animation just stops. The scenes after 16 are empty.


      This is a simple, voice narrated movie that is linear. The buttons at the bottom are AS2 pause/play/nextscene/prevscene. It works fine till I get to scene 16 and that's where it seems like it's just incomplete.


      I noticed when it's publishing that the progress bar seems to get a bit over halfway and then the publishing dialog just disappears as if it's finished. It doesn't move the progress bar all the way to 100%.


      If I do a test scene each one of those scenes publishes fine and plays fine inside Flash CS5.5. This only happens when I publish the whole thing. If I copy the timeline of scene 16 and paste it into a new movie, that single scene also publishes and plays fine. Again, it's only when it is publishing all 20 scenes.


      Anyone run into this?


      I have a Mac Pro with 10 gigs RAM and OS X Lion.