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    Struggling to establish correct sequence and export format settings for my project.


      Hope someone can help me.

      I’m a Premiere Pro CS5 novice. I use it purely for editing family video. I used to use Premiere Pro 1.5 but had to upgrade when I bought a new Windows 7 64bit PC.

      I would like export my finished video to the hard drive on my PC so that I can transfer it to my network disk and play video back thru the TV (Panasonic  1920x1080p 46in) or the desktop PC (Sony 1920x1080p 23”).

      I am coping quite happily with editing my project but I’m struggling to find the right sequence settings and export format to achieve the best quality playback.

      My project starts with 12 Jpeg images (size 4128w x 2752h approx 5.5Mb) which I have panned and zoomed. I then intend it to continue with clips of standard definition widescreen video captured from my Sony Handycam  HDR-HC9.

      So far I have only created the opening sequence using the jpegs etc.  I’ve tried numerous export formats but I’ve been disappointed with the results. I managed to get the titles looking sharp but the definition of the pictures was poor.

      I have previously used slide software such as Photodex ProShow Gold to create HD video of a slideshow saved to the PC and played back thru the TV and the playback quality is excellent.

      I can only assume that I have got the sequence settings and export format wrong in Premiere Pro.

      Would really appreciate it if someone could advise me what settings to use.