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    Get XML-Tagged Textframes (JAVA-API)


      Hi everyone,


      at first i'd like to say hi to anyone on this board and well ...

      i have a problem that i don't seem to get fixed. I'm using Indesign Server CS5 with the JAVA/CORBA-API working fine so far.


      I need to replace text in some predefined TextFrames which have tags assigned like 'Header', 'Bodytext' and so on. I have been struggling

      for some hours until now, not being able to come up with a solution.


      This is basically what i have now :


      VariableType vtDocument = myApp.open(VariableTypeUtils.createFile(szDocumentPath), OptArg.noOpenOptionsEnum());
      myDoc = DocumentHelper.narrow(vtDocument.asObject());
      TextFrame[] aDocTextFrames     = myDoc.getNthChildPage(0).getAllChildTextFrames();
      for(int i=0;i<aDocTextFrames.length;i++){


      At first that code printed something like a XML-Node-Descriptor, leaving me wondering how to get to the XMLTag, which was associated with the textframes in the InDesignfile. Right now the script just dumps out the IOR-Descriptor, leaving me even more confused.


      Does anyone know a good approach on how to get the XMLTag for a certain TextFrame?


      Any help would be appreciated