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    Button label positioning


      I am new to Flex 2 world but even my question seems a bit funny to me. I'm trying to create a square button (width=200 by height=200) and I want the label inside the button to be in one of the top corners. At this point I don't care if it's in the left or right top corner.

      I've tried everything and I was only able to get the label to be left aligned using the TextAlign property but I can't seem to figure out how to Vertically align it to the top.

      any help you be greatly appreciated.

      Incase someone needs to see the mxml code to understand what I'm doing, here it is: (LOL)
      <mx:Button label="topleft" width="200" height="200" textAlign="left"/>

      Also, I've tried to put a <mx:Label> right after this button and using the x/y co-ordinates, place it on TOP of the button and that works but then when I mouseover the label it looses the mouseover the button (which is obvious).

      HELP! :)