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    AE Template Locking Text Layer


      Hi I need a solution to this problem guys.


      I have several AE templates saved, mostly tittle openers and such and wanted to have my clients render it themself for a bit cheaper pricing.  BUT I dont want to allow them the ability to edit or change anything.  I've tried locking the text layers and saving as copy, then opened it again but you can just unclick the lock text layer and edit the text layer again.   Is there a workable solution around this??

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Not that I know of. Anything you apply to a layer can be un-applied.


          The only option would be to pre-render elements that you want locked and then remove the originals from the project. This necessitates including the rendered footage in your template folder so that the renders won't be lost.


          Hope this helps.