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    Style Warning when using a custom theme

    Carlos_Rovira Level 1



      I'm have a Flex application project and a Custom Flex Theme project. I'm with latest Flash Builder and with latest Flex SDK


      I am using -theme "path-to-.swc" to apply my custom theme to my app


      I get various warnings like this:


      El estilo 'backgroundAlpha' sólo es compatible con el tipo 'mx.controls.ToolTip' con tema(s) 'halo, spark, mobile'.




      The style "backgroundAlpha" is only compatible with the type 'mx.controls.ToolTip' with theme(s) 'halo, spark, mobile'.


      If I remove all backgroundAlpha from my theme default.css, it continues to show me the warning


      Moreover backgroundAlpha is used in spark theme. Example:




          backgroundColor: #FFFFFF;

          skinClass: ClassReference("spark.skins.spark.ApplicationSkin");



      So, it's a bug in Flash Builder or I'm doing something wrong?




      Carlos Rovira