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    Loadmovie - button in that SWF control main?

    tallscot Level 1

      I have a main SWF that is comprised of scenes. I have buttons that go between those scenes at the bottom (prevscene, nextscene). This works well. On the last scene, I have it loadmovienum and it loads an SWF that has a few scenes in it. It also has the buttons to go between those scenes, which works well.


      My issue is the first scene of that SWF that is loaded in the main SWF needs to have a button that will send the main SWF to the previous scene in it. Of, conversely, I need the buttons in the main SWF to tell the loaded SWF to go nextscene/prevscene.


      I tried root.prevscene and that didn't work.


      Any help or links to a web page that covers is is greatly appreciated. I've been searching hard and I can't find anything.


      Thank you!