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    no video or audio captured from HDV camcorder


      Okay guys, I'm back. I have Win 7 64bit with plenty of storage, etc. I am a newbie (3 weeks now??) and have successfully transferred D8 tapes to laptop after much trial and error and research and your help.


      That was using a 10 year old + /handycam. I am now trying to transfer from hdv tapes from Sonys hdr-hc1. I can get the program to recognize the camera, but it first shows capture device offline. But can get the record button to work and the offline message changes to a capturing message.I can see the tape playback on the camcorder screen, get the message in the capture panel that it is capturing, but nothing shows up in the capture screen, there is no clip visible when i stop recording, I can see MPEG files in my files but can't import them from the folder. I have tried changing the firewire setting to legacy but for some reason it won't reset. I have tried to use manual device control but can't seem to get that to work either. i think the program is overriding the override. I have successfully copied one previous hdv tape so not sure why it won't work now. Maybe some setting I changed for the DV work? I have worked my way through steps 1-6 out of 12 in the Advanced Troubleshooting list for "Cannot start DV or HDV video capture" in order to get the DV transfer to work. I confess that steps 7-12 look daunting.


      I have scoured the Sony online manuals for their suggestions and followed their instructions too.


      I have NOT tried replacing the 4 pin to 4 pin firewire.


      I cannot try on a different computer as my brother's laptop does not have firewire port. I have changed the ilink settings in the camera per Sony's instructions.


      I  scanned nsome previous threads but didn't find anything to help.


      Any ideas?