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    DVD cross dissolves jump down/up a pixel/line




      I've just finished editing a local choir concert (a mixture of HDV, AVCHD and a small amount of scaled up SD), which after a big learning curve has gone well!


      The biggest problem I seem to have now is that some of the cross dissoves in the project do a strange thing only on the DVD. I have tried various ways of transcoding the DVD - the preferred method being with 'Max Render Quality' switched on, in Encore. I have also tried exporting from Premiere as MPEG2-DVD and bringing it in to Encore but nothing helps. It doesn't happen on all dissolves and I can't find anyone else with the same problem!


      As you can see from the exported h.264 files on http://www.youtube.com/user/abbeydalesingers the artifacts don't occur on anything exported at the source resolution.


      The problem is at the frame a dissolve starts, the footage seems to 'move up' a line and at the frame the dissolve ends, it moves back down again. I don't include the previews - the project is rendered completely for the DVD.


      I'm using Premiere CS 5.5, Encore CS5.1 on an i7 3.4GHz, 16GB RAM - no problems there other than the 2 hours of footage takes about 6 hours to render in Encore. If I use Premiere to render the file (with MRQ on) using the GPU (I have a Geforce FX570) it takes 30 minutes - so I presume Encore isn't using the graphics card for its render?


      The timeline where the faulty dissolves are (only on the DVD!) is a simple set of clips seperated by cuts or 'cross dissolves'. It seems indiscriminate whether it's between AVCHD to HDV or SD to HDV etc etc. I'm thinking the problem may be to do with interlacing, but I'm not 100% which the best setting would be as I leave Encore to do it in 'Automatic' so it fills the DVD up with the highest possible bit rate.


      Any help with anyone else who's seen this would be appreciated!