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    Hiya Guys - Scripting for I.D Badges.


      Hey guys,

      So I'm pretty new to scripting and wonder if anyone can give me some insight on what I need done..bare with me if I don't make sense, and no blonde jokes just cause I'm a lady hehe!


      So at work we've been making I.D badges for our customers with pieces of information such as Photos, hotel names and numbers and contact info as a little travel handy tool, incase they get lost overseas or run into any sort of problems.


      We've been doing them manually in a template I designed by adding the photos one by one and typing in the customer information, though I'm tired of doing this and now that we're having to do maybe 400 in one go, it's taking too much time. I know there's a way to write a script where photoshop can import the photos and the names from a text file or w/e but I was wondering if this is a hard process to write?


      can anybody give me any insight please?


      much love


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          Paul Riggott Level 6

          You just might be able to do all this without scripting, check out "Data Driven Graphics" in the help.

          There is also a tutorial here that might help....


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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            How is this text file going to be generated? A qurey from a database, by hand, where is the data comming from.  How are the images being put on you computer?  Image file also contain metadata.  Information like name, email, title, description, company address can be put into metadata.  Programs like the bridge can edit metadata, work on groups of image and have metadata templates.  Scripts can also process metedata and batch process images. If your new to Photoshop scripting you have choices of VBS and JavaScript on a PC or Applescript and JavaScript on a Mac.  Have you used any of these scripting language to process text files? 

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              Marwane00 Level 1

              Hi JJMack,


              We're currently just writing all the relevent information into an excell spreadsheet  and scanning in passport photo's the customers send us for their visa forms.
              I've been saving the images in folders in a numeric order eg. 001 - 100 and each name in the excell sheet will also be numbered in the same sense to match each persons image.


              I'm looking into this Data-Driven Graphics as mentioned above but still unsure on if it'll do my task.

              I'm PC based and brand new to photoshop scripting!


              Does that info help you to answer futher?

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                Michael L Hale Level 5

                Data driven graphics should be able to make the IDs for you unless there is more to your workflow than you have described.


                If for some reason it doesn't do exactly what you need it is still a good starting point. You can let Photoshop's built-in data set feature do all the heavy lifting and tweak the image with a script. At one time I was creating thousands of image at a time using an MS Access database and Photoshop's data driven graphics.

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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  Excell can export a CSV file so if you have all the required info a template psd file setup for Data-Driven Graphics would seem easier then learning Photoshop scripting.

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                    Marwane00 Level 1

                    You're all amazing!
                    Now I just need to make sure I get it right with the Data Driver Graphics stuff.. reading up on it and slightly confused on a lil test I'm doing!
                    Will carry on reading up on everything until I get it working, if not...I shall return here heheh

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                      JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                      I have never use it myself have just read about it. Never had the need.  It did not seem hard it just a matching thing. A CSV is just a text file rows and columns. Each line a row with information for on ID.  That matches to the Template PSD file. You could think of as a pre made blank ID card.   PSD files are layered Photoshop documents Some layers a perhaps fixed like your company logo. Other layers are model place holders for things like text and image. They may have attributes like size width height font. These are matched to the columns in you CSV file.  You define all the data attributes in Photoshop dialogs. And save the PSD.  You edit the Template PSD and point Photoshop to your CSV file if all goes will Photoshop will be able to match everything up ad save a populated PSD file for each ID.