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    Audio out of sync when you interpret framerate


      I shot some 29,97 fps hd video and because it was intended to be used witout sound I changed the framerate to 24, for a slight slomo effect. In the source monitor the pitch is lowered, but on the timeline the audio gets out af sync, especially with the longer clips. If i take a segment at the end of shot there's no sound. So the audio behaves like it's still on normal speed, altough it lowerd it's pitch.


      Now was this not such a problem, but now it seems own going to use some of the sounds after all, and I don't feel like selecting hundreds of clips again from the original normal framerate files. (long story, I just need to have the sound in sync, doesn't matter it's a lower pitch)


      Is there a way to get the audio in sync? It's standerd canon hdslr video. mac / cs5. thanks alot!