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    Call out for advice and answers: before I get started with Captivate V5


      I have functional Help content that was created using RWD InfoPak 5.6.  I am waiting for my Captivate V5 software to show up.  If anyone out there has any experience with RWD InfoPak 5.6 and has transitioned their content to Captivate  I would be very grateful for any advice.  I am wondering if it can be done... or if I'm in for the ordeal of redoing all the content and playing around with a bunch of image files trying to get them to fit and play nice.


      It produces Work Instructions in Microsoft word with an RWD template.

      it produces simulations that I have set up to publish to be flash based.


      Thanks for your recommendations and advice in advance.


      please be kind  I'm a Captivate newbie.


      R, Winchester70