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    Encoder Options For *.wmv Files re Premiere Pro CS5.5

    wet_bimbette Level 1



      I have a collection of *.wmv files that Premiere Pro CS5.5 refuses to open and it always generates an error message so I need to re-encode these *.wmv files into a format that Premiere Pro will import OK. I know that Premiere Pro will open *.wmv files so I think that the ones I have must have some data structures slightly out of normal. The files actually play with VLC and open with Sony Vegas so they are not corrupt.


      What I hope to do is to use an encoder that will re-encode the files without any loss of video quality into another format or even into a slightly renamed *.wmv file in the hope that the re-encoded version of the *.wmv file will then be palatable to Premiere Pro.


      Would anyone please be able to recommend an encoder that is suitable for my needs? On a final point, as a total novice with video, what aspects on re-encoding would cause loss of video quality or is there no loss of quality when re-encoding? Apologies for such a dumb question but I really am a newbie to all this.