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    Illustrator crashes when debugging extension

    The Real Mike Britton

      I'm building an Illustrator extension, but haven't made much progress due to crashes that occur when debugging.


      I set a breakpoint in order to view the Application object's structure.  When the breakpoint is hit, the Application data takes a very long time to appear in variables view.



           import com.adobe.csawlib.illustrator.Illustrator;
           import com.adobe.illustrator.*;
           public class HelloWorldIllustrator
                public static function run():void 
                              // Breakpoint on the line below
                     var app:Application = Illustrator.app;





      When I try to expand some variables with a triangle next to them, occasionally the triangle disappears as if there were no nested data.  When I switch back to Illustrator, it crashes infrequently.


      Windows Vista 64 bit, Flash Builder standalone.


      If there are workarounds, I'd appreciate any help.


      Thanks in advance!